Friday, February 28, 2014

Beauty Preneur family

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  This moment when we long time no see and having time together too..

But, we make a promise to take a photo at my photo studio, Viapuccino Studio.
and this our style :D yeaaahhh


(Satin by : Mikayla stuff, ring by : sally acc)

Big family Beauty preneur award 2013

(Owner Queen management "wawa and mbak dini. and Stella "google coorporate", Zaza "Zee production",Ika krastanaya "Krastanaya Shop", Oliv "Viapuccino Studio", Lilia "Kinder world")

We meet in that's event, and be a good new family, 
be a more great entrepeneur also...
 because we are Beauty Preneur.

Let's join us to Beauty Preneur award 2014 guys! 


Viapuccino, a cup of life!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Denim in blaster pink #endorse

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this one, still about endorse.

Me and Ayu rachima at Viapuccino Studio,
thanks much for our Hijab from : Mikayla stuff 
our brooch from Sally accesories.



Photographer : Muhammad Zeinur rasyikin and Tri doang

Both of we, wear denim :D
yeayyy feel so gougeus !!!

wish this can inspired you guys,

Viapuccino, a cup of life!

Beauty of shine #endorse

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 Hello morning everybody,
 special for this saturday

I wanna post one of many endorse :D

wanna know what that ??

Check this one out,

  beauty of shine

I'm with kak Ayu rachima,
thhaks much kak.

Hijab satin by : Mikayla stuff
Accesories by : Sally accesories
Studio : Viapuccino Studio
Photographer : Tri Doang & Muhammad zeinur rsyikin

Viapuccino Studio, a cup of life!