Friday, November 1, 2013

Top TEN Viapuccino Photogenic Hunt 2013

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This is guys, TOP TEN Viapuccino Photogenic Hunt 2013 

Congratulation girl's...

I really shock to read you respon when you reply my message, don't trust, say thank's to God, request a gown, and anything.. hahaha

Why we choose you ??

*read a personal*


She's really nice in camera, looks very comfort to express her style. her eyes, and lips have something nice combination in camera. congrat'z cha :)

She's know about photography, really easy to conversation with others and also comfort in photosesion. congrat'z wen :)

She's have cuteness face in camera, her smile looks really cheerfull and also she's comfort in this photosesion , nice girls kak. congrat'z kaka Resty :)

She's look sexy with her eyes, smile and her body language. have something in camera. more than just beauty. have a great style every click in camera. congrat'z kak ci :)

She's have really different face after Make-Up and in camera. looks more pretty and cute. she's have acute smile. congrat'z kak lesty :)

She's like to take a photo, she's really comfort and trust her self can. it's really inspire our.every woman is pretty. nice eyes cella, congrat'z :)

She's have a cute body, but not in camera. have a more pretty smile in camera too. can look sexy, cute and really pretty. congrat'z kak okha :)

*Wella Nia
She's the youngest in Top Ten. but, have a great style in photosesion. nice and cute smile. congrat'z awen :)

She's different in a real life. why, she's calm girl but in camera she's really expresive. have a nice style and cute smile, and sometimes it change as a elegan smile.congrat'z mbak ulan :)

She's really don't like pink, don't know why. she's have a sexy and strong smile in her face. great style when take a photo too. congrat'z mbk via :)

I really proud of you girl's have a something special in yourself. 
see you in fitting time and meeting 
this Monday, november 4' 2013
at Hardiana Decoration at Dr. Wahidin GG. Batas Pandang blok 2.


Wedding Dress Photosesion at 
Hotel Kapuas Palace Pontianak
Wedding Pontianak
and also
Viapuccino Studio.

See you....


Viapuccino, a cup of life.

Next decorate at Viapuccino Studio for VPH

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Hei guys, udah lama enggak update lagi. sorry yaa, maklum sok sibuk dulu..hehehe
tapi, kali ini aku bakal aupdate tentang 3 decorate lagi yang aku buat, taaaraaaaaaaa....

look at this :

Choco Pastel,
Thats all gonna be calm and looks elegan :)

Party Princess, 
really have many colour. like brithday party. many colour many cheerfull.

This is the last, Vintage Sesion.
Really confused to bring this name, hahaha why, because I just have a "vintage" yaaa only that`s word for the first haha..
this decorate looks so comfort, fill like in outdoor but I made it in indoor. simple and romantic :)

And finally guys, thanks all of you girls to join this competion
I really love you, *kisshug*
you make me and 2 others as a judge really confused to choose who's go to TOP TEN :D

but now, we have a answer who's it,
want to know ??

check the next update guys...

Viapuccino, a cup of life!