Next decorate at Viapuccino Studio for VPH

Hei guys, udah lama enggak update lagi. sorry yaa, maklum sok sibuk dulu..hehehe
tapi, kali ini aku bakal aupdate tentang 3 decorate lagi yang aku buat, taaaraaaaaaaa....

look at this :

Choco Pastel,
Thats all gonna be calm and looks elegan :)

Party Princess, 
really have many colour. like brithday party. many colour many cheerfull.

This is the last, Vintage Sesion.
Really confused to bring this name, hahaha why, because I just have a "vintage" yaaa only that`s word for the first haha..
this decorate looks so comfort, fill like in outdoor but I made it in indoor. simple and romantic :)

And finally guys, thanks all of you girls to join this competion
I really love you, *kisshug*
you make me and 2 others as a judge really confused to choose who's go to TOP TEN :D

but now, we have a answer who's it,
want to know ??

check the next update guys...

Viapuccino, a cup of life!

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